When Mystery Grail boxes go live, they can be found HERE.

Age Disclaimer:  Due to the risk/reward nature of mystery boxes, Mystery Grail requires that anybody under the age of 18 cannot purchase our products unless they are supervised by an adult.

What is a Mystery Grail box?
Each regular Mystery Grail box is $15 plus shipping (special drops may be priced differently) and will contain one random Funko Pop (or other collectible item depending on drop theme) plus some other cool stuff (see below). There are lots of companies that offer mystery boxes for Funko Pops and other collectibles, so we decided we wanted ours to be different..... and more FUN! Here is what sets Mystery Grail Boxes apart from the rest:

How we source our Items
Mystery Grail is a sister company to 7 Bucks A Pop (7bucksapop.com), one of the leading independent Funko Pop sellers with a great reputation for getting the hard-to-find stuff that other companies can't get. 7BAP also happens to purchase more collections than any other company on the planet. So instead of loading our Mystery Grail boxes with mostly new stuff bought in wholesale bulk like a lot of the other companies out there, most of the items in our boxes were sourced from collectors just like you! This allows us to seed our boxes with a wide variety of items, from older commons to the most sought after grails. We aren't using our mystery boxes as an inventory dump like a lot of the other guys.

Scratch Cards
You know those lottery scratch-off cards that almost never win? Well, we made our own scratch cards... and every one is a winner! Inside every Mystery Grail box will be a scratch card that will reveal a prize of some kind. It could be an instant win prize, or tokens that can be used in our Prize Shop. Which brings us to.....

The Prize Shop
Our goal in creating the Mystery Grail Prize Shop was to give you the feeling of being in an arcade where you play Skee-Ball and other games to collect tickets. Once you're done playing, you head over to the counter and trade your tickets in for prizes. Our Prize Shop works the same way: You collect tokens from our scratch cards and save them up in your account. When you're ready to trade them in, head over the Prize Shop and find all kinds of cool stuff like Pops, PopShield protectors, t-shirts and other cool collectibles. And to top it off, all Prize Shop items are shipped free (even for international customers)! We'll even start you off with 200 free tokens just for signing up for an account- CLICK HERE

While we understand that most collectors will want "guaranteed value" out of a mystery box, this is not something we can offer. Here's why:
Offering guaranteed value AND giving you the chance to hit several Grails and Mega Grails at a $15 per box price point isn't exactly a sustainable business model. The reality is that in order to be able to financially justify offering big hits in our boxes, there's also going to need to be some clunkers in there to offset cost of the grails. If we were to offer Mega Grail hits AND guarantee the value in each box on top, we wouldn't be in business very long.

So we decided to add value in a few different ways:
1) The Scratch Cards and Prize Shop offer some great added value. You can win stuff instantly, like t-shirts and PopShield protectors, or win tokens and trade them in for some pretty great stuff. 
2) Every Pop comes in a new PopShield protector to make sure your mystery Pop will be well-protected.
3) Candy! Every box will have some type of sweet treat inside to brighten your day.
4) Condition guarantee- our goal is to use Pops that will grade a 7.5 or better on the 7BAP condition scale, which most collectors agree is very conservative. For more info on our grading scale CLICK HERE.
5) Every once in a while, we'll throw in a discount code or coupon from 7BAP or another partnering business into every box as an added value for a specific drop. We'll announce this ahead of time when we decide to do this.
6) All of this adds up to HAVING FUN! Collecting is a hobby that we all enjoy, and sometimes it's fun to take a risk. Even when you don't strike it big, you will still have fun with our Mystery Grail boxes.

At 7bucksapop.com, we built our reputation on always being honest and transparent with our customers which is exactly what we'll continue doing at Mystery Grail. For those of you that like to know the odds, here's a general breakdown of what each Mystery Grail box drop will look like (odds may change slightly from drop to drop)...

Based on a total of 1750 boxes:
- Mega Grails ($300+ PPG value) - Approximately .1%
- Premium Grails ($100-$299 PPG value) - Approximately .3%
- Grails ($40-$99 PPG value) - Approximately 3%
- The rest of the Pops will range anywhere from $39 and lower, with a high concentration on $10-$15 Pops.

To be clear, you are taking a risk and there's a very real chance that you won't get an item that is worth what you spent. You may get a $7 Pop and you may get a $500 Pop; it all comes down to luck of the draw. This is why we've figured out other ways to add value (see above) in order to soften the blow if you do get a whammy.