Q: What is inside a Mystery Grail box?

A: Inside every Mystery Grail box...well, we wouldn't want to give that away and ruin the mystery, would we? But, seriously, you will find a random Pop—with a chances at grails valued at hundreds of dollars—in a PopShield protector, a Mystery Grail Scratch Card (redeemable for all sorts of goodies), and something else to sweeten your day in every box. 


Q: Are your mystery boxes just an inventory dump of stuff you can't sell?

A: Absolutely not! While you may receive a common in your box, rest assured that many of the Pops found in our Mystery Grail boxes and most grail Pops were sourced on the secondary market from collectors like you. Our sister company is 7bucksapop.com and they are the top Funko Pop collection buyers in the world, so we always have a fresh supply of newer, older, vaulted and exclusive Pops coming through our doors. That's not to say you won't get a common, because there's a very good chance you will. But that common may well come from one of the same collections that all the grails in our boxes come from.


Q: Do you guarantee the value of what's inside each box?

A: While we understand that most collectors will want "guaranteed value" out of a mystery box, this is not something we can offer for a couple of reasons:
  1) Offering guaranteed value AND giving you the chance to hit several Grails and Mega Grails at a $15 per box price point isn't exactly a sustainable business model. The reality is, in order to be able to financially justify offering big hits in our boxes, there's also going to need to be some clunkers in there to offset cost of the grails. 
  2) Even if we wanted to offer guaranteed value, we simply don't have the time to look up the value of 1000+ Pops every week.


Q: What is a Mystery Grail Scratch Card?

A: You know those lottery scratch offs that never win? Well, we made our own, but every one of ours is a winner!This is a little extra something fun that we put in each Mystery Grail box where you can win tokens, gift cards and other cool prizes in the Mystery Grail Prize Shop. For more information on how to play, game rules and conditions, click on the Scratch Card Terms & Conditions page.


Q: What are tokens and how can I earn them?

A: Tokens can be used to redeem special prizes in our Prize Shop. Customers earn tokens from the Mystery Grail Scratch Cards that are in every one of our Mystery Grail boxes. To add the tokens from your Scratch Card to your account, simply find the redemption code on your card and enter it HERE (you must be logged into your account).


Q: How often do you add new mystery boxes to the site?

A: We have a new mystery box drop every week with all new grails in every drop.


Q: Can I buy more than one Mystery Box?

A: Absolutely! You can buy more than one Mystery Box, however we just ask that you buy no more than the stated max per household from each drop; this way it's fair for everyone to get in on the fun. If 24 hours after the drop start time boxes remain available, you may buy as many as you like. We reserve the right to cancel orders that exceed the maximum at our discretion.


Q: How quickly will you ship my Mystery Box?

A: Our goal is for all purchases to be shipped within 3 business days of purchase. There are rare occasions where there is a holiday or other unanticipated circumstances and shipment might be delayed an extra day, but this is not the norm.


Q: What types of payments do you accept?

A: We currently accept all major credit cards through our own payment processor, as well as PayPal and ApplePay.


Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Yes, for any items that arrive damaged or was lost in transit. We will not offer returns for any other reason. You can go here to view our Return Policy.


Q: Where are you located and do you have a store that customers can visit?

A: We work out of a warehouse in Catonsville, MD. Unfortunately we do not allow walk-in business at this time. Low overhead is one of the reasons we can offer all the value that our mystery boxes present, and a retail store would add significantly to our costs.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide with only a few exceptions.