Our main goal in starting mysterygrail.com was to create a place that is fun and stress-free to buy Funko Pop mystery boxes. We expect that our mystery boxes will be very popular, which means there's always competition for the stuff that has high demand. Sadly, some people try to gain an unfair advantage with the use of software to help them check out faster- this is called a 'bot' in online circles. 

We feel this is an unfair way to buy Pops because it creates an uneven playing field. A person without a bot stands no chance at getting a Pop if someone has programmed their bot to buy it the second it hits the site. So we've countered this by having a top cyber security firm develop software for us (at great expense) to sniff out which orders were placed by bots.

Let us be very direct: We do not allow bots to make purchases on our site. Anybody caught using a bot to make purchases will have their orders cancelled and they will no longer be allowed to buy from us. There are no grey areas here. 

Please respect our wishes so we can maintain a fair and fun environment for the Pop collecting community.


Here's an FAQ about bot use on our site:

1) How do you define what a bot is? Our definition of a bot is any type of program, app or software that puts an item in the cart and/or completes checkout.

2) What happens when something gets botted on mysterygrail.com? That order is cancelled immediately and the Pop will go back on the site, usually within one minute.

3) Can I use an autofill plugin to enter my information in or is that considered a bot? Autofill programs are fine. As long as no software is used to automatically add a Pop to the cart, or automatically check out. Those are things you need to do with your hands and fingers.

4) What if I suspect or have proof that someone is using a bot on mysterygrail.com? Please bring it to our attention and we'll make sure you're rewarded nicely for helping us and the collecting community.

5) I have some questions, comments or concerns about your "No-Bot" policy. Please feel free to click Contact Us and let us know your thoughts.